How Digital Marketing Has Changed In A Coronavirus World?
2020-10-29 in BLOG

How Digital Marketing Has Changed In A Coronavirus World?

The only thing that doesn’t change in the world is “change”. Due to the recurring pandemic situation, many aspects of life have changed. Likewise, the same phenomenon applies to digital marketing. The advertising industry in general has changed by leaps and bounds owing to the alterations in consumer behaviour.

The uncertainty brought in by COVID – 19 opens avenues for disruption. The pandemic has made a negative impact on small companies as well as large companies. This unpredictability has real-world impact. The impact affects the digital ecosystem. However, some companies are experiencing a dearth of sales while the others see an abundance in sales. Therefore, a huge opportunity exists for digital marketing; we need to capture the space and create openings for us to excel. Many industries switched to the mode of digital marketing even before the pandemic. As an instance, shopping has been subject to a sea change (total transformation) due to the pandemic and it is said that 5 years of change has taken place in 8 weeks. In Latin America, 13 million people made their first ever e-commerce transaction. People the world over are moving towards digital and reduced-contact modes to access products and services. This has paved the way for marketers to rethink a strategy to connect with consumers. One European retailer built a functioning e-commerce platform in 13 weeks. It shows the speed of adaptability businesses need in the current context. Businesses need rapid decision making, adaptability and robust action to survive this period of drastic change. Consequently, digital marketers have the greatest opportunity to transform businesses in the current context irrespective of industries. Therefore, it’s essential to identify the loopholes in businesses and address them and thereby, become great problem solvers.
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