How Important Is Emotional Intelligence for Digital Marketing
2020-07-28 in BLOG

How Important Is Emotional Intelligence for Digital Marketing

Do you have emotional intelligence (EQ)? You may have the skill or you may be developing it currently. Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill when you consider the future of work. EQ enables a business entity to tap in to their audiences and deliver consistent branding and content. The impact of emotional intelligence on digital marketing is quite effective. Digital marketers can use emotional intelligence to bring out an emotional response or to tackle a serious pain point. However, emotional intelligence has much more in store.
Becoming proficient in emotional intelligence means you are able to pay attention to aspects such as your brand tone and as to how your audience engages with similar brands.
The consumers of the new age do not merely invest in products and services, they are connected to brands. When emotional intelligence is used in the social media strategy. EQ helps you to connect with the audience in more personal level. Emotion is what triggers pot engagement on social media resulting in increased brand awareness, user perception and intent to buy. There are 5 characteristics of Emotional Intelligence;
1. Self-Awareness – Knowing the strengths and weaknesses and working on these areas to increase performance
2. Self-Regulation – Using the filter in the brain before responding unlike hasty counterparts.
3. Motivation – Being effective in whatever you do.
4. Empathy – The ability to identify and understand the wants, needs and viewpoints from other people.
5. Social Skills – Managing disputes, communications and building relationships.
Brands that understand the importance of EQ are able to challenge audience behaviours, diagnose issues, and process data to make better-informed digital marketing decisions. Rather than react to trends, emotionally intelligent brands are able to proactively plan out content that is creative, relevant and direct.
Publishers who produce strong emotional engagement to branded content are also driving the highest rates of social sharing and cementing their brand reputation. Remember most purchase decisions come from the heart, not the head.
There is a probability of 80% that marketers who assume they have got a comprehensive view of their consumers’ information. However, in reality 63% of consumers feel that their favourite brand does not understand them.
Brands are not making genuine, meaningful connections with the audience. The reason for this gap is not possessing emotional intelligence. Your emotional intelligence will determine as to how you form those deeper connections with you consumers and take them on an emotional journey with you.Let’s develop this essential skill of emotional intelligence and transcend boundaries by understanding our audiences.

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